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2015 F**k It Retreats Calendar, Oh Yeah

We do three types of F**k It Retreats. These are they:
F**k It Classic: F**k It authors John & Gaia lead their classic week (since 2005). There’s relaxing a-plenty, there’s letting go big-time, there’s breathing and qigong-ing, and eating and swimming. These retreats work in beautiful ways – every time.
F**k It Magic: F**k It co-author Gaia leads these Magic weeks. Those who know and love Gaia come in their droves. Those who haven’t been to a F**k It Classic – but are ready for a deeper experience of F**k It – get the ‘magic’ within minutes of being with Gaia. She’s magic. This is magic.
F**k It Masters: These are the best and most ‘F**k It’ teachers that John & Gaia have found in the world. They are true masters. And both - Karl Grunick and Tim Spratt – have their particular F**k It way. Just pick your flavour of mastery.
Just click on these buttons below to choose your category. Then browse the weeks.

<div class="pizza0"></div>F**k It Magic (Villa, Fano)<br>Sept 13 – 23 (Club Only)
F**k It Magic (Villa, Fano)
Sept 13 – 23 (Club Only)
<div class="pizza2"></div>F**k It Master (Grunick-Ki)<br>Sept 23 – 30, Urbino
F**k It Master (Grunick-Ki)
Sept 23 – 30, Urbino
<div class="pizza1"></div>F**k It Classic<br>Oct 1 – 8, Urbino
F**k It Classic
Oct 1 – 8, Urbino
<div class="pizza2"></div>F**k It Master (Spratt-Qigong)<br>Oct 11-18, Urbino
F**k It Master (Spratt-Qigong)
Oct 11-18, Urbino
<div class="pizza0"></div>F**k It Magic (Truth&Shadows)<br>Oct 18 – 25 (Club Only)
F**k It Magic (Truth&Shadows)
Oct 18 – 25 (Club Only)
<div class="pizza2"></div>F**k It Magic (Women)<br>Nov 15 – 22, Urbino
F**k It Magic (Women)
Nov 15 – 22, Urbino

The F**k It Pizza™

See how much space there is left on a week by consulting the The F**k It Pizza™.
Next to each week or event you'll find a pizza.

lots of availabilityIf there's lots of pizza left, there's still lots of space left.

low availabilityIf the pizza is nearly gone, then John's been stealing food again…
and the week is nearly full (like John).

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