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<div class="pizza1"></div>F**k It Magic Weekend<br />London, Jan 17 – 18, £197
F**k It Magic Weekend
London, Jan 17 – 18, £197
<div class="pizza3"></div>F**k It Magic Long Weekend<br />Ireland, March 6 – 8, €297
F**k It Magic Long Weekend
Ireland, March 6 – 8, €297

The F**k It Pizza™

See how much space there is left on a week by consulting the The F**k It Pizza™.
Next to each week or event you'll find a pizza.

lots of availabilityIf there's lots of pizza left, there's still lots of space left.

low availabilityIf the pizza is nearly gone, then John's been stealing food again…
and the week is nearly full (like John).

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