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Everything was just absolutely amazing and I am definitely coming back.

H.W., London

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For most F**k It Retreats, prices range from €995 to €1,695 per person.

The prices include accommodation, the teaching and full-board or half-board, depending on location: Urbino is full-board; Stromboli is half-board.

You’ll find the precise prices for your chosen F**k It Retreat on the page of that retreat (under ‘Calendar’). But this is what’s on offer, and what the definition means…

(Remember too that many people come on their own and then share with 1 or 2 others, who are also coming on their own.)

Triple: (sharing with 2 others, of same sex, often coming alone)

Twin: (sharing with 1 other, of same sex, often coming alone)

Double: (sharing with 1 other, in same bed, of same or different sex)

Single accommodation

A Suite: (Single or Double, only the Estate & Spa, Urbino)

Good Value

In 2011, we spent six months finding the right venues at the best prices (thanks for the negotiation tips Steve). So we believe that you’ll be getting an amazing F**k It Retreat for very good value. Do remember that what you pay includes VAT, which is up to 22% at the moment in Italy.

Do Book Early

2012 was the first year for F**k It Retreats (after 7 years of The Hill That Breathes).
Yet, most weeks were booked up well in advance.
We had to disappoint many people who wanted to come to a week, but enquired too late.
So do book early if you want to secure your place on a F**k It Retreat.

the f**k it family

Perks if you’ve been on a F**k It Retreat or anything at The Hill That Breathes

Yes, once you’ve been on a F**k It Retreat you become a member of The F**k It Club. And that entitles you to some nice perks. See below.

So maybe you came on a F**k It Retreat in 2013 or 2012.

Welcome to the family.

Or maybe you visited the Italian retreat, The Hill That Breathes, that John & Gaia owned and ran. If so, you’ll remember that you are a Silver or Gold or Platinum Breather (depending on how many times you went).

You are now in The F**k It Club. Welcome.

  • If you were Silver (you visited once), you are now a ‘3 Star’ member of the club.
  • If you were Gold (you visited twice), you are now an ‘4 Star’ member of the club.
  • If you were Platinum (you visited three or more times), you are now a ‘5 Star’.

We offer some great ‘perks’, or free extras, to F**k It Club members who book a F**k It Retreat for 2014. Once you’ve booked your F**k It Retreat we’ll send you tickets for your perk events. We will be introducing some alternatives too soon for those who are unable to attend the events.

F**k It Everyday,
an email everyday for a year (worth €24)
tick tick tick
F**k It Reunion, Dec. 6th
(worth €87)
tick tick tick
F**k It Survival Guides e-Course
(worth €97)
  tick tick
F**k It e-Retreat, date tbc
(worth €187)


You can pay in two instalments. How much you pay, when, and in what instalments, is dependent on what accommodation option and venue you choose. We ask for an initial payment, then the second payment is required to be paid directly to the venue 6 weeks before your holiday (or before if you prefer).

We’ll give you the precise details when you book, but here’s an example:

You decide in January to come to the F**k It Retreat in Urbino, May 12-19, and you want to stay in a Twin room.

The full price is €1,295. We’d ask you to pay €695 as your first instalment (you’ll be able to pay that as you book via Paypal). Then, 6 weeks before your holiday we’d ask you to pay the remaining €600 to the venue.


Please take out separate travel insurance before you come to a F**k It Retreat.

We were recommended this site by a previous guest - www.travelinsuranceguide.org.uk - though we have not used it and do not make any commissions if you do.


If you have any questions - about anything - it's highly likely that the answer will be in our F.A.Q.s (and elsewhere on this site)… please do check those before writing to us.

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