You may never have been aware of this, but it’s very likely that there are two currents that run beneath your life:

1. Your desire to be free and do what you like in life.


2. Your desire to be approved of by others.


Do you agree? 

It’s the case for me, for sure.  I want to be free to do whatever the hell I want.  And of course I want others to like me, approve of me, and generally be in to what I do… whether it’s family, friends, or you guys out there.

The thing is… have you got there yet?…

These two fundamental desires are often in conflict with each other.

The first desire – to be free and do what we like – is very powerful. 

We want to dress how we fancy, do what we fancy, live our life our own way, be our own boss, be the masters of our own destinies. 

This desire is so fundamental and omnipresent that we see it everywhere in the culture that we consume – the films, and music and advertising… they’re often talking about being free.

The problem is that, the moment we start to step off the regular line of existence, and start to dress how we fancy, or say what we fancy, or live life in our own (and different) way, then others may well start to disapprove of us.


This is why many of us are stuck living more conventional lives than we’d like.  We don’t want to risk the approval for the sake of some freedom.

The great thing about this observation is that the answer becomes pretty clear:  that it’s hard to have your cake and eat it…

That we have to risk some of the approval in order to be more free.

We have to say ‘F**k It’, in one way or another, to what others think of us, in order to me more free.

Of course, as with ‘caring’ in the last email, it’s not that you don’t want to care a jot about what anyone thinks of you.

It’s just that you could probably do with CARING LESS about what they think of you.

And that’s how ‘F**k It’ can help.

When you’re wanting to do something, or say something, but start worrying about what people might think, say ‘F**k It’ to help you free yourself.

Of course, you need to use this tool wisely and discriminately.  Go gently.  You don’t want to alienate everyone in your life. 

But to become more free, it’s very likely that you will need to care less what others think of you.

Use ‘F**k It’ to do this – and you soon realise another way in which F**k It Really Helps, in a rather fundamental way.

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