This is the second blog post in the series of How to Do What You Love (and how important it is). This little documentary film is based on the Four-Word-Advice that a 93-year-old gave to the protagonist when he was younger.

YOU JUST HAVE TO WATCH THIS FILM – (it’s about 15 mins long, so get yourself a cuppa.)



It’s about a guy who skates. On one leg. In a kind of slow motion. He’s known as ‘Slomo’. And I won’t tell you precisely what he did before he skated.

This is how it starts, with Slomo talking, kind of slow:

“I’d say that before Slomo I became the typical institutionalised, educated, Western man. In other words, I was driving a BMW to work, I was working long hours, I was paying my taxes, and doing everything by the standards of society and so on – just like everyone else in the workforce. And, frankly, I intended to work myself on into oblivion… and get old and die… that was pretty much the scenario.


Find out how he went from there to here. Including those key FOUR WORDS.

Do watch this film (and we thank Rose Long for sharing this with us originally.) You won’t regret it.

Your employer might. But you won’t.

In our next blog post, we’re going to share how utterly simple it can be to Do What You Love.

Oh and if you missed the first video, you can find that IN THIS BLOG POST.

PS:  News on all that we’re doing this summer to help you Do What You Love is coming soon – watch this space.

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