This is the third blog post in the series of How to Do What You Love (and how important it is).

In our last blog post, we learnt from a 93-year-old, that the key to a long (and happy) life is simple …


In fact, this simple invitation can help overcome the subject of our first blog post and video – the thing that holds back up to 70% of the population from doing what they love –


And you know, one of the biggest fears we have is not doing the right thing. So we DELIBERATE HUGELY about what to do, and the choices we make.

This next video (thanks Eva for sharing this with us), features Alan Watts taking all the pressure of that fear of doing the wrong thing:



This video, again, is TOTALLY INSPIRING.

And just this one video can help transform your approach to life.

It’s also what we teach in our F**k It – Do What You Love work: that ability to relax and go with the flow, and just do what you fancy doing, trusting that it will all work out in the end.

And if you need any more persuading to watch the video, here’s some of what Alan Watts says:

“Choice is the act of hesitation before we make a decision. It is a mental wobbling. So we are always in a dither of doubt, as to whether we’re behaving the right way, doing the right thing, and do on and so forth, and we lack a certain kind of self-confidence. And if you see you lack self-confidence, you will make mistakes through sheer fumbling. If you do have self-confidence, you may kind of get away with doing entirely the wrong thing.

You have to regard yourself as a cloud, in the flesh. Because, you see, clouds never make mistakes. Did you ever see a cloud that was mis-shapen. Did you ever see a badly-designed wave?

No, they always do the right thing.

But if you treat yourself for a while as a cloud, or a wave, and you realise that you can’t make a mistake.  Because even if you do something that seems to be totally disastrous, it’ll all come out in the wash somehow or other. 

How very ‘F**k It’ that is.

And the ‘F**k It’ philosophy is essential to successfully Doing What You Love (that’s why we wrote the book after all!). 

This week, we’re sharing some great offers on our Do What You Love courses, both in London (August) and in Italy (September). You can get a sneak preview of these offers on our Retreats Calendar (where we’ve just uploaded the offers.)

Until then … Be Like a Cloud.

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