Don’t you just love those things that you hadn’t noticed before, then someone mentions it, and you notice it all the time?

This might be one of those.  Well, in truth, I’ve only shared this observation with Gaia, and she’s not yet confirmed its universal veracity.

But here goes …

I’ve noticed that any car that pulls out in front of me from a side-road, and forces me to slow down a little, will show little awareness that I’m there, will go very slowly for a short while, THEN TURN OFF THE ROAD VERY SOON.

Once I noticed it happening, it happened every single time.

It’s a rule. On the roads round Fano here in Italy at least.

It’s as if they don’t notice they’re joining a main road… the entry onto the main road is just a small manoeuvre in their small trip from one (small) place to another (small) place.

They don’t notice me on the road, they don’t notice me behind them, and they don’t notice me breathing a sigh of relief as they get off the road so soon after they joined it.

So – seriously – look out yourselves when you’re out and about and see if this a universal rule.  Or not.

I like universal rules like this.  They remind me that this weird occurrence is not a one-off.  And there’s some comfort in that.

Here are some other universal rules I’ve observed: 

  • If you’re feeling emotional, and you look back to the previous night or few days, it’s often because you’re simply tired.
  • Actual clouds don’t have silver linings (well, I’m colour-blind, but I’m pretty sure that most actual clouds don’t have silver linings) but the metaphorical ‘clouds’ in our lives do.  That’s a weird one isn’t it.
  • When you think something will last forever, it’s usually the moment it’s about to change.  This is a universal rule that applies to everything from the weather to illness.
  • Another car one: people in hats drive dangerously slowly.
  • When you eat food directly from the fridge, its calorie free (this is scientific fact and is something do with the lower temperature, but the key thing is not to put it on the plate… the plate warms it up and INSTANTLY adds calories).
  • Not all universal rules are universal rules.  It’s up to us to spot the universal rules that really work for us.  That’s a paradox of course.  But who doesn’t like a paradox?  They’re calorie-free after all.

Right, I’m off to the fridge, and I’m hoping that no one pulls out in front of me on the way.

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