How are you doing – a few days before Christmas? It’s a funny old period – usually so RUSHED before Turkey Day – it’s a real Speedy Week. And then a series of empty days. If only we could scoop some of the time from after Christmas and apply it to this week.

So, I was rushing around yesterday, doing this and that… buying this and that… and I suddenly stopped and made the decision to SLOW DOWN. And enjoy it all more. After all, it’s always like this, every year, and it’s really rather pleasant when you do slow down and look around.

And just making that decision made a huge difference to the rest of the day (and to today).

I am now slow and calm, even though the list is still long.

And I’m going to take it easy with everything I do over the next week or so which, as well as all the family Xmas preparation involves getting everything ready for our ‘Golden Early Bird‘ January launch of the 2017 F**k It Retreats Programme – 
and that will be ready (very) early January (hopefully).

So, have a go yourself at slowing down. And if just making the decision to slow down is not enough, here are a few things that can help:

  • Do less (if you can). Say ‘F**k It’ to some of the things that don’t matter so much. 
  • Appreciate things more (if you can). Look at the fairy lights, the Christmas trees, the cosy scenes, look at your family. See what you have and appreciate it all. 
  • Slowing down just part of what you do, can slow the rest down… it’s a great relaxation technique actually, so slow down when you’re walking, when you’re talking, when you’re eating … when you’re pulling out your credit card (again) to buy that present. 
  • Use ‘F**k It’ as a tool when it’s getting too fast, too much or you’re being sucked into a family argument. F**k It, let it go… and if it’s really hard work, remember it’ll all be over soon.




This is one of many of our slightly tetchy Facebook Xmas posts this year (we’re ‘the f**k it way‘ if you’re not yet following us)


Right, a nice, slow and HAPPY Christmas to you all!

P.S. Have you seen our F**k It Xmas video before? 

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