Whoah, we’re only 2 weeks in. How are you feeling?

Every day, every news item, every tweet, every Facebook feed brings something more to feel scared and anxious about. And, let’s not kid ourselves – these are dangerous times. Most of us are observing that and feeling it.

Most of us are trying to accommodate this new element into our realities. At some level, we’re in shock. We’re likely to be feeling more anxious, have more of a sense of foreboding.

And we’ll be reacting in different ways. Some of us will feel kind of frozen, with no idea what to do, as we feel totally helpless. Some of us will be trying to distract ourselves (and wasn’t Beyoncé beautifully obliging in that regard this week?). Some of us will want to stand up, and fight, and protest – expressing our anger in any way we can.

And these are the responses, as Gaia will tell you, to emergencies, to trauma – freeze, flight and fight.

Even though the emergency / trauma is playing out in slow-motion, most of us are still responding in those ways.

So, what to do? How does F**k It work in this context?

Well, this is what we established the whole F**k It thing for… to help us in difficult times.

A priority here is to take care of ourselves. We could be in for a long haul here. So we have to learn how to live in the face of such a difficult (mainly uncontrollable) geo-political backdrop. We can’t easily control or affect the new emerging reality. But we can work with our responses to that new reality.

We’re going to give you a few ideas as to how you can look after yourself, how you can work with your responses, how you can manage to relax and calm down no matter what appears in your news feed.

Step 1 is knowing that you’re not alone (that most of us are struggling to come to terms with what’s going on), become aware of how you are responding. Just look, as impartially as you can, at how you’ve been feeling and responding over these last couple of weeks. To ‘know thyself’ is always the first step (and other steps too!) on the way to growth and finding some peace, even in the chaos. Be gentle on whatever you see (in how you’ve been and how you are) – see yourself like a parent sees a child. Don’t judge yourself – just observe.

And we’re coming to London to give you personal help in working with all this. Our teaching will live in this new context – we’ll effectively be training you how to survive in these new and difficult times. Gaia, in her weekend February 18-19, is looking at how you can Be More Yourself – that to re-connect with the real you, underneath everything (including the fear) – is the way to move through difficult times, and grow and heal as a person. 

John, in his day on Saturday February 25, is looking at how we can Be More F**k It. The whole ‘F**k It’ thing for him grew out of difficult times – learning how to relax and let go, and to get things in perspective in the face of difficulty. So he’ll be exploring how we can all use different aspects of F**k It to survive, and even thrive, when things are tough. 

We’re here to help. Especially in challenging times like this.

Come and join Gaia or me, John, in London. And if you want to come to both events – we’re offering the ‘F**k It Therapy’ eCourse (which is worth €147) as an extra to further help you in your ‘tough times training’.

Breathe in, breathe out.

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