We wanted to share some thoughts around ‘resurrection’ and looked up ‘Easter’… and alternative names for today are ‘Pascha’, which sounds like our Italian ‘Pasqua’ (as it has a Latin root) and ‘Resurrection Sunday’.

So, Happy Resurrection Sunday.

And, for the many of us whose experience of this festival is simply the chance to take some time off, get together with family, and pig out on hollow chocolate eggs, it is occasionally worth looking at some of the meanings pulsing underneath this festival.

Not in terms of ‘belief’. We are not Christians. But the idea of ‘resurrection’ can be very interesting. Resurrection is a return from the dead.

So it’s worth looking at what in our lives has lain dead or dormant for a while that we could ‘resurrect’. For example, it might be that a side of yourself has lain dormant – maybe a playful or creative side to you. Or a part of your life has lain dormant – maybe a passion you had, or a relationship with someone.

This is a good time for such ‘resurrection’. After all, the whole of nature is resurrecting after the slumber of winter. Spring is naturally a time to reawaken, revitalise and resurrect.

So, your question for today… 

What in your life has lain dormant, has even died… 
But that you can now resurrect?

As you eat your hollow chocolate egg, feel the hope in this message. In fact, the hollow egg represents the empty tomb that Jesus vacated as he resurrected. 
What mark are you going to leave in your life as you reawaken and resurrect in some way?

How are you going bring new energy into your life as you resurrect in some way?

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AND we’re going to be bringing you some big news soon of a form of resurrection for us too (which is why we’re thinking about this whole subject).

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