A theme has emerged in the last couple of retreats we’ve been teaching – an interesting way to look at acceptance.

It involves the difference between being ‘At Peace’, and ‘Peaceful’.

And, even on this, a Monday, you may soon see that, even if you’re not particularly ‘peaceful’, you could be ‘at peace’.

And seeing this difference can significantly alter the way you see life and your journey through it. You see, for those of us on a conscious (and sometimes ‘spiritual’) journey through life, we tend to want to become more relaxed, kinder, more in touch with ourselves, and more PEACEFUL. Don’t you?

In the midst of the hecticness of it all. In the midst of the rush, and the stress and the pushing-yourself-ness of a Monday wouldn’t you like to be calmer and more peaceful? Just to waft around the place in a zen calm, just doing your thing… chopping wood, carrying water and catching up on your emails?

Well, the truth is (as you may well know already) that most of us will continue to swing between rushed, stressed and pushed and other more tranquil, calmer times (maybe just at the weekends or on holiday for some).

And… here’s the big idea… recognising that ‘this is how the world turns’ truism – 
is when you become ‘at peace’ with life, and your life, as it is.

And that’s a breakthrough.

Imagine, whatever you’re doing today, just being at peace with it. However you’re feeling, up or down, pushed or relaxed, anxious or peaceful, just seeing that that’s how you’re feeling, and being at peace with it.

Yes, it’s possible to be ‘at peace’ with being stressed, funnily enough.

Being ‘at peace’ is a higher level of ‘peacefulness’. It’s more inclusive. More allowing. More zen.

I know that I will move through at least seven different states every day. And being ‘peaceful’ is only one of them. And I’m at peace with that. Can you feel the relaxation, the sense of freedom, that that brings on?

That’s being ‘at peace’, that is.

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