Louise Hay passed away a few days ago.

Many of you will know of her amazing work. She’s inspired millions of people around the world with her books (the first was ‘Heal Your Body’ published in 1976) and her healing, loving messages – primarily through the medium of ‘affirmations’.

I read her books 20 years ago, and used one affirmation of hers in particular – “I love and approve of myself.”

And it blew me away. Given that most of us neither love or approve of ourselves, and not doing so is often the cause of our problems, saying this to yourself again and again (that’s the idea of an affirmation) brings up a lot of stuff (like “No I bloody well don’t”) and creates deep healing.

louise hay
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One of the thousands of memes created from Louise Hay’s inspiring affirmations

Thank you Louise for the healing.

All the F**k It books have been published by Hay House, the publishing house that she established 30 years ago. So I’ve been able to meet and talk to Louise a few times over the years. She had an amazing presence and light to her.

We have had a few people on our retreats who had come because Louise had said to them “ooh, you should read one of our authors’ books, it’s called ‘F**k It’ “, and I enjoyed imagining her saying it mischievously.

Bye bye Louise Hay.

I’m sure your healing influence will continue in a million ways.

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