It’s a wonder this blog post is getting to you, you know.

What, with the state that I’m in at the moment. It’s only really because the latest series of Broadchurch that I’ve just binge-watched in 24 hours came to an unexpectedly early end just now, that I’m even here.

Because I’m feeling lazy at the moment. And I’m going with it.

And I’m only half-good at giving myself the permission to do so.

So I fill up the other half by asking Gaia for permission. I said to her this morning something like – “I’m feeling rather lazy at the moment, are you okay if I don’t do much for a while?”.

And Gaia does a little dance. Well, she would have done if she hadn’t been lazily lying in the bath at 11 in the morning. But she looked like she wanted to do a dance, that’s how happy she looked, and she said something like –

Hallelujah, look how hard you work. All that you do, every day. You’ve just written another book too for God’s sake. Why don’t you just do nothing until January?”

Wow. January? That’s permission alright. I was thinking I’d have the weekend off. That’s nearly a month.

So, I know most of you know Gaia as a therapist and teacher. 
And her power to create the space and permission for you to be yourself.

Well, the good news from the husband-wife aspect of our relationship is that she does the same for me. How lucky am I?

Sure, she does leave wet towels on the bed. And she’s always late. Which is kind of annoying when I’m not in a lazy mood.

But still, how lucky am I? Very bloomin’ lucky is the answer.

Because whatever I’m feeling, and whatever I feel like, Gaia is there going “Hallelujah, at last…”.

For most of you who are not naturally lazy – and I’m guessing that is most of you – you have to try it occasionally.

There is true power and benefit in being lazy.

And I’m somewhat reluctant now to start listing the benefits, as I’d prefer it if you (and we) just sat around being lazy just for the sake of it, rather than because it has some ‘benefit’…

But I’ll just say that since first hitting the sofa, I’ve had about three big ideas that I know I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Being lazy, of course, takes saying ‘F**k It’ rather a lot. I’ve got a list as long as my arm of things to do. But currently the most my arm can be bothered with is reaching for the remote.

And this is a good time to be lazy, too, if you can be. It’s a time of general franticness, all in the name of one day when you’ll eat too much and exchange items that no one really needs.

I could now end with a rousing crescendo – a non-call to arms, an invitation to find your inner couch potato.

But, you know what? I can’t be arsed. And the sofa is calling.

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