We all feel a bit down occasionally. It’s perfectly natural. And we’re more prone to Down Days at this time of the year in particular (and that’s even without the Trump inauguration-anniversary-related news.) We’re about to give some great tips for shifting the down, when you want to.

But… first…

If you’re up for it… a lower mood is also the opportunity to sit still, go inside and wonder what’s underneath(and at all times be soft and kind on yourself). ‘What’s underneath’ could be many things. And that’s where Gaia, in particular, applies her magic – allowing people to gently explore, and heal, what it is from underneath that affects our daily lives.

Often, what’s underneath goes way back to when we were kids – and working with that in the present time like Gaia does can create tremendous insights and healing in the present. We’re going to do a podcast on this subject soon, where I’ll interview Gaia about the hold on us of developmental issues (and I’ll talk about Donald Trump a bit myself too, and his developmental issues!)

If you feel it’s time to see and heal ‘what’s underneath’ with Gaia, then have a look here – 
1-to-1s with Gaia / London workshop (Feb 10/11) / Gaia’s retreats

And I promised you some fast-acting tips too, that can take your day from a Down Day to an Okay Day (and maybe even to a Great Day) –

1.   Remember that, F**k It, it probably doesn’t matter so much. It’s easy to blow things out of proportion and get hooked on the negative stuff on down days, so say F**k It and try to get some perspective.

2.   Appreciate what you have, don’t dwell on what you don’t have. A simple change in focus can change your day… list what you have and what you’re grateful for.

3.   Get out. Go for a walk, go into nature.You’ll read this in any blog or article about cheering up. But it does work. Get the f**k outside.

4.   Connect with someone. When we’re feeling well and happy we naturally connect easily with others and enjoy others’ company. It feels harder on down days, and it’s easier to be alone. But if you can connect with others, you’re likely to feel better soon.

5.   Help someone.There’ll be an algorithm to explain this – a mix of taking the focus off yourself, seeing that others might be worse off, and the simple joy of helping a fellow human make us feel better. And you turn a down day into a better day for more than you too.

That’s it. Podcast coming soon. 

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