I (John) spent last year devoted to finding peace.

And I wrote it all down.

And the latest F**k It book is the result – 
F**k It. Be At Peace with Life, Just as It Is.

So this is a very exciting time.

It’s out June 5th. 
But is available to pre-order now.

And if you do (pre-order it now) 
I’m offering lots of juicy extras 
(it helps a book when it sells well pre-publication, thus the juiciness of the extras).

Extras include an 80-minute audio of me guiding you through how to feel at peace NOW.
And it really works, as hopefully you’ll see.

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here are loads of details on the pre-order page about the book, the extras, and there’s even a chunky EXTRACT –

And I’ll tell you more about the book here now too…

So what’s all this ‘being at peace’ thing about then?

Well, any time there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be – 
Or how things are, and how you’d like them to be…
There’s pain.

Just think about your own life…
“I’ll be happy when the weekend’s here.”
“I wish I were a stone lighter.”
“I’ll be sorted when I have a place of my own.”
And so on.
All creating a gap… of pain…

And then the moment we’ve achieved one thing (and closed that gap), we’re after another.

It’s never-frickin’-ending.

A perpetual putting-off of being content and at peace.

The answer is to say ‘F**k It’ and find ways to be at peace with life, now, just as it is.

And this new book is about finding these ways.

You’ll learn how to feel at peace, now, by learning a variety of powerful (and easy) methods.

And, more importantly, you’ll begin to understand how, with some big ‘F**k It’s, you can feel a general ‘at peace’ with everything…
how life is…
how you are…
the reality of how your life is unfolding…

Yes, it’s possible.

And this book shows you how.

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  • http://fu-k.it/fkittweets
  • http://fu-k.it/ggleplusprof
  • http://mrandmrsfuckit.tumblr.com

nd if you pre-order today, you get some fab extras –
Including that 80-minute audio guide from me to finding peace NOW (no matter how stressed or worried you are).
And the chance to win places on our F**k It Festival weekend in Brighton in August.

I’m an excited boy.
Because this is an important book.
And I’d love you to benefit from it, and find this ‘at peace’ quality in your life as I have done.

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