For those of you who go “What England game?” or “I’m German”, just concentrate on the all-purpose relaxation tips we give.

For the rest of you… deep breath… the England game kicks off in just a few hours’ time.

I could hardly sleep last night. And I’m hardly a football fanatic. Imagine if you are. Or if you’re in the team.


It’s a big day.

And here’s how to stand a chance of not becoming a bag of nerves on big days –

Use your own personal relaxation trigger. Those who’ve worked with me will likely know what it is. For the rest, you will have one particular and powerful way to relax. Something that already happens when you relax. And thus something you can use to relax. Mine is tuning into sounds. It might be breathing more deeply. Or thinking of a favourite beach. You’ll need that today.

Get perspective. This is the core of ‘F**k It’. It’s – ‘F**k It, it doesn’t matter SO much’. And, however important this game feels, of course, it’s not life and death (and, no, it’s not more important). In fact, the news of the footballer schoolboys trapped in a Thai cave that’s running parallel to World Cup news reminds us all of that.

Be grateful. For what you have, rather than what you don’t. If we lose this afternoon, then I’m grateful we got this far. I’m grateful for Southgate in his waistcoats, for Harry Kane and his happy band of Roy of the Rovers like brothers, for the thrills and spills, and the hope.

That’s how to calm down today. 
And I want to share something that’s been bugging me these last couple of weeks – 
Do we have to have a chant / song with the words – 

Now, I know how it was intended back in 1996…
But surely our team coming home is the last thing we want.
I want football to stay in Russia.
Stop singing about ‘coming home’ for goodness’ sake.

And I want this man below to lead us to triumph… Harry Kane…
He’s Roy of the Rovers meets Ryan Gosling meets one of those sweet dogs with the droopy eyes.
And I for one stand up and salute when he comes onto the pitch.

And this is where my A Level English comes in handy… 
because Henry V has this –

I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start.
The game’s afoot:
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!”

england football

And this is the last day of Gaia’s F**k It Magic Life-force retreat here on the volcanic island of Stromboli.

As ever, her lovely group look even lovelier by this time of the week. And I’m not just talking about a nice tan, or the red cheeks from climbing the volcano…

Everyone comments – people’s faces change on these retreats. 
And it’s not just us that notice. People report back that friends, family and people at work always say the same thing. Lovely.

Many of us will be watching the game this afternoon, in the TV room of the hotel with a balcony onto the sea.

Then tonight we’re hiking up to the best pizzeria in the world to watch the volcano exploding, over beer and a pizza (or an Eolian salad, which is delicious in itself, with its capers, olives, onions and potatoes, yum).

If you’re not able to get out to a retreat with Gaia this year (and even if you are, of course), then you can get quality therapeutic time with her with a 1-to-1 session.

God for Harry, England and St. George, 
John & Gaia xx

P.S. Talking of ‘coming home’, we’re in Brighton in August for another ‘F**k It Festival’ weekend (we had one in May and it was so lovely, we set up another one).

f**k it weekend

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