Hi Lovely You,

Have you seen, people go a bit crazy at this time of the year.

It’s all this pre-Christmas rush.

Everyone trying to get everything done for a few days of sitting around, overeating and arguing 🙂

Everyone is rushing and stressed and tetchy. And people snap more.
(And let’s not exclude us from this either!)

Well, for these rushed pre-Christmas days, and for the different kind of madness of the holidays, here’s a thought –

It’s not about you.

When someone tuts as you struggle past them with your shopping bags
When a hassled shop assistant snaps at you
When a relative has a go at you
When a car beeps you
When your mother moans at you
When the traffic warden fines you
When a close friend forgets you
When a waiter rushes you
When your dad patronises you
When your siblings treat you like they always did
When your kids don’t say thank you
When Santa doesn’t bring you what you wanted

It’s not about you.


It’s usually about them.

And their shit. And their stress. And their problems.
And they’re taking it out on you.
You don’t necessarily have to be sympathetic, but do remember it’s probably not about you.

Here’s a mantra for the Christmas season –
F**k It. That’s your shit, not mine.

To be yourself more, you have to know what’s theirs and what’s yours.

And that’s a good part of the work that Gaia does in her new –
F**k It Be You Retreats, for next year.

And on that note –
A date for you –
We’re opening bookings for our 2019 retreats on January 4th midday.

So two things to think about when it goes pear-shaped this Christmas –

F**k It. It’s not about me
I’ll dream about next year’s F**k It Retreat, which is about me.

And our hopes for a restful holiday for you all,
John & Gaia xx

and from our beautiful F**k It team too, which is –
Lou (at the front-desk), Mark (at the business desk), Arco (behind the camera) and Leone (on guitar) xx

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