Our next online Evening Retreat –

titled ‘F**k It to Worry’ (as suggested by you)  
will be live on the evening of Wednesday May 22nd at 7.30pm UK.

We’ll send you more details later, but pop it in your diary.
Like the last one, it will be £27 for the session, 
And will be a delicious experience and you’ll learn strategies for how to stop worrying.

I (John) have just been in the UK, preparing for (and then teaching) the ‘Ridiculously Relaxed’ workshop in Brighton.

And I was up with my parents in Derby.

Not so far from there, my grandmother used to sit in her bungalow, 
in her Parker Knoll reclining chair, 
WORRYING about all of us.

We’d tell her about our various plans – to go to a festival, or go travelling, or to dump a job and go back to college, 
And she’d let out a half-ooohhhh, half-giggle as she imagined all the things that could go wrong.
She’d shake her head, and rub her hands together.
And we’d reassure her that everything would be okay, and turn out fine.

She was lovely and wonderful my grandmother.
And she was very healthy mentally too.
I think her mental constitution could take such worry somehow.
It’s almost as if she was holding all the worry energy for all of us reckless grandkids.

She was the family’s Jesus of Worry, 
reclining into her Parker Knoll cross, selflessly taking our worries for us.

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The thing is, most of us don’t have a worry-absorbing grannie.

We worry.

And worrying is painful. And it’s not so good for us.

Sure, there are times when some worrying might divert us from a dangerous path.

But generally we worry about things that never happen.

And we don’t have enough of a voice in our heads saying what we said to our grandma – 
“It’s okay, there’s no need to worry, everything will be fine, just sit back and relax”.

It’s a good, important subject.

And I can’t wait to share my ideas on it, and strategies to deal with worry, in that Evening Retreat.

In the meantime – 
Try not to worry, everything will turn out fine, just sit back and relax more.

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