It’s probably hot hot hot where you are.

In the U.K. it could hit a record temperature today. 
Here in Italy, it’s another hot one.

It’s easy to read advice about what to do in the heat. 
You probably know already – drink lots of water, stay out of direct sunlight (like dracula), turn a hot water bottle into a cold water bottle, etc..

Our favourite bit of advice (and we saw this several times) was –


Which raises these questions –

  1. Who has a freezer they could fit a duvet in? We have enough trouble stuffing a bottle of beer in to get a last-minute cooling.
  2. You have a duvet on your bed in these temperatures? Really? If so, take it off and just use a sheet.

We couldn’t find a photo of someone putting a duvet in a freezer, but did find this hilarious fridge magnet. At least, we hope it’s a hilarious fridge magnet!


Something that’s interesting when it’s hot is that – 
You’re forced to slow down and take it more easy.

I like that about hot countries. 
You don’t see many people rushing around. 
People amble more.
They lounge more.
They just hang out together and chat more (outside, in the shade).
You’re forced to kind of surrender to it all (which is a good practice).

So do what you need to do to stay cool.
Then take this as a great invitation to slow down, surrender and just be more.

It’s a more F**k It way of living too, so it’s good to get some practice in.

Right, time for a siesta 🙂

Ciao & love, 
John & Gaia

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