We recently mentioned that –

Gaia has a Secret Life.

We mentioned that part of her secret life is that she leads a private and closed online membership group.
Yes, Gaia’s Secret Group.
It’s called the ‘F**k It Be You System’.
And it includes a monthly ‘Deep Workshop’ from Gaia.
And a monthly live online group.

We said that we’d like to give you some glimpses of Gaia’s secret life.

So we’ve taken an audio snippet from one of her Deep Workshops.

It’s short (7 mins), but powerful.

This particular Deep Workshop is part of a series on Survival Mechanisms
(and this one is on ‘Autonomy’).

Gaia is talking about how to reconnect with our feelings  
and trusting their validity.
Including more difficult feelings like – 
Healthy Aggression
(which is rather relevant given our recent email – ‘How to Argue’).

She talks about how we can then express these feelings – 
Including the ability to say NO and disagree with people.

She explains what’s happening when we suppress that ‘no’ and that anger.

And she talks about the MAGICAL effects of reconnecting with ourselves and our feelings.

We hope you enjoy this audio snippet – 
It includes a lovely story about the daughter of a friend of Gaia.

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