We’ve been talking recently about the fact that –

Gaia has a Secret Life.

We shared an audio snippet (in the last post) from one of the F**k It Be You ‘Deep Workshops’ that she creates as part of her private membership group (so usually secret).

This time, we’d like to give you some clips from one of Gaia’s 1-to-1s (so usually secret).

Watch this video to enjoy the clips – 

My, you’ll enjoy this…

Gaia is using clips from a session she did with Mandy.

Gaia refers to something called ‘The Hidden Source’ (this is part of Gaia’s teaching and refers to the adaptive mechanisms that we develop when we’re young and that affect us even now, and which we’re usually unaware of, but that we can change with this work).

Gaia and Mandy touch on the following –

  • How Gaia begins a 1-to-1 session, by exploring our ‘heart’s desire’ around an issue. Gaia invites us to look at this ourselves too.
  • Gaia invites us to listen to our own feelings as we hear the clips.
  • Mandy sees how she’s run away from discomfort – and sees that it’s possible to be ‘comfortable with being uncomfortable’.
  • Mandy explores her boundaries with others (“That’s yours and this is mine.”) and employs some strategic and therapeutic swearing.
  • Mandy sees (just as we see too) that she’s an ‘amazing bloody woman’.

It’s a great session.
GAIA 1-to-1 CLIP

You’ll love seeing how Gaia guides Mandy to her insights.
And you’ll love seeing these fabulous insights emerging.

Enjoy experiencing another glimpse into – 
Gaia’s Secret Life.

John & Gaia x

P.S. This is one of several glimpses of Gaia’s ‘Secret’ work.
And so that you can enjoy Gaia and her ‘F**k It Be You’ work in all its glory, 
we’re going to create a FREE video seminar series for November.
It starts – 
November 14th.
Do put it in your diary.


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