So here’s a resolution to undercut the rest of them –

“F**k It, I’ll be me.”

Put aside what the world wants of you –
To step into the ‘New You’, to be thinner, fitter, eat more healthily, drink less, be kinder, to earn more, give more, take more, to work harder, to up your game, to be more productive, to suck the juice out of life, to sleep more, to sleep less, to be the best you, to focus, to plan, to give back, to agitate, to protest, to be grateful and accept, to be mindful, and calm, but restless and unceasing in your purposeful path, to keep up, to clean up, to keep your chin up and look on the bright side but be open to your down and to welcome in this new decade whilst you’re scrambling for calm and security and reassurance amidst the burning and bombing, the inequality, looking up to the heavens and not seeing the stars for the satellites.

…And be you instead.

Tune out the noise of what’s wanted of you, and what you think you should want…

What do you actually want?

Start asking –
“If I were to be more myself –
what would I do, what would I say, what would I feel?”

And say, every day –
“F**k It, I’ll be me.”

And see what happens.
The idea at the heart of Gaia’s teaching –
and there’s a lot of therapeutic process behind it –
is that being more ourselves can solve many problems naturally.

Just think about how being a ‘people pleaser’ can create its own problems,
and is the opposite of being yourself.

Gaia will be offering different ways to help you say ‘F**k It’ and ‘Be You’ this year.

And the first is a long-weekend –
In February (14-16).
In Brighton, U.K..

You’ll discover that when you get in touch with the true you –
beyond your adaptive patterns –
it can make a HUGE difference in your life.

The details of this long weekend are here –
F**K IT BE YOU long-weekend, Brighton, February 14-16

John & Gaia xx

P.S. An element running through the long-weekend will be ‘Falling in Like with Ourselves Again’ – and this is relevant to the ‘love’ vibe of Valentines’ Day…
how we can start to like ourselves, just as we are, without leaping into the high-pressure expectation of ‘loving’ ourselves.
F**K IT BE YOU long-weekend, Brighton, February 14-16

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