‘What a relief’ –
Isn’t that a lovely expression –
And a lovely sensation?

I felt it this last week when World War III didn’t kick off.

But we feel it often and in many ways –

What a relief when –

  • We get indoors on a cold and wet day
  • We didn’t put on any weight despite the cake
  • The boss didn’t spot the mistake we made
  • We got an okay mark for that test even though we didn’t revise
  • The tests came back clear
  • We got our tax return done
  • We got over that illness
  • The economy hasn’t crashed
  • I avoided that crash, just
  • And so on…

I’m aware in myself that I don’t sit long enough in this sense of relief.

Because it sure is a sweet feeling.

I too soon get on to the next thing, or move on to the next thing to be concerned about.

So this is an invitation –

  • to notice that sense of relief that you naturally feel (often)
  • to enjoy it for longer
  • and to sit here now and dwell on the sweetness of all you can be relieved about

I’m relieved that we’ve sorted out two cracking new venues for our F**k It Retreats for this year.
You’re going to love them.

And I’m relieved that we’ve almost finished the work of lovingly preparing the materials to show you how delicious the retreats and weekends will be this year.

Oh, and I’m relieved that the internet is working, and this house is warm 
both elements that were up in the air this last week.

We’ll be back soon with news of how you can learn how to be more you in sunny far-off places…
And wild and closer-to-home places.

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