Hello friends,

The coronavirus crisis is reminding me (John) that my brain is plastic.

Not in the sense of it being plastic like recyclable bottles, though I suppose my brain will recycle into something when I’m gone.

But in the sense of the plasticity, the malleability, of the brain, and the neurons and neural pathways therein.

We learn, we adapt, and our brains change.

We’re all learning new stuff at the moment –
including that it’s best to keep your distance from people when you’re out and about.

My brain has adapted so shockingly quickly to this instruction that when I’m watching films, I sit there going –
“Ooohh, step back, you’re too close…. why are you standing in a crowd, are you CRAZY?”.

Outside the house, around 70% of people have also adapted well –
And they are careful to keep their distance. It’s strange of course: people stepping off the pavements to avoid each other, the shock of going round a corner and being too close to someone.

I’ve noticed that the 30% who’ve not yet understood this instruction ALL WEAR HEADPHONES.
They run up behind you and brush past you, breathing heavily, but with the tell-tale white leads hanging from their ears.
I’d say, therefore, just be careful of anyone with headphones.

It is true that you can tell those who won’t respect the distancing rules.
In Tesco’s (supermarket) last night I was caught between the reverie of seeing fully stocked shelves (“ohhhh, look, sliced bread, cereals, MILK, how marvellous”.) and the nervy swerving away from reckless safe-distance-abusers that you have to do.

And on that note note, here’s a cartoon from F**kiteer Andrea –

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our brains are plastic.
And that’s good news for tough times, when we have to adapt to a whole range of stuff.
Our brains do literally change with certain learning and experiences.
They’ve done plenty of tests on people who meditate, for example, and meditation does change the brain (and the DNA) for the better.

So let’s get meditating.

John & Gaia x

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