Hi Friends,

So we’re seeing this insidious threat and its devastating effects on the world, particularly in the U.S.A., creating fear and horror as its toxic effects spread through society.

And then there’s the coronavirus.

Yes, Trump’s true colours are revealed yet again, as he threatens American citizens with ‘vicious dogs’, ‘ominous weapons’ and a dominating military response, as he tear gases his way through peaceful protesters to hold up a bible in front of a church, as if that’d somehow cleanse his quotidian toxicity.

If I were a Christian, I’d be mighty pissed (off) that he was waving around our Holy Book for his own toxic purposes. I’m surprised it didn’t burn through his hand. Or that he wasn’t struck down by holy lightning.

And there I go, falling into the same trap again – talking about the reality TV star when the reality on TV is of mass (predominantly peaceful) protests in every state and around the world, a mass cry of agony at the murder of George Floyd by police officers and the world of injustice and discrimination against those of colour the world over that lies behind this murder.

These are challenging and upsetting times.

Let’s keep stepping forwards, staying on the right side, with respect and compassion for others, with as much love in our hearts as we can muster, protesting when we need to, and with the hope (and very high chance) that things will get better.

Love to you all,
John & Gaia x

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