Hi Lovely You,

If you’ve been following us and F**k It for a while,
you won’t have heard much about this side of what I (John) do –

Helping people in businesses with F**k It infused advice.

Sure, you’ve heard me talking about ‘F**k It, Do What You Love’ plenty of times.

But I’ve not talked about the deeper coaching I’ve been giving to people who are either setting up the projects or businesses of their dreams –
or they’re trying to do a lot more of what they love in their existing line of business.

Well, now we’re taking this type of coaching and F**k It advice from just a few clients to a broader audience.

Welcome to ‘F**k It in Business’.

‘F**k It in Business’ is an exploration of how you can use F**k It ideas in your business or business life –

  • How to say ‘F**k It’ and do something big and bold in business
  • How to know when to say ‘F**k It’ and give up on stuff that’s not working
  • How ‘F**k It’ helps in tough times for businesses, like a global pandemic
  • Even down to saying ‘F**k It’ and looking at elements of the business you’d prefer not to (like cash flow, eek).

We’re starting to explore these ideas in our new ‘F**k It in Business’ podcast series.

And you can sign up to hear the first two here –
(Though please do read the caveat below before signing up).

The F**k It in Business Podcasts sign up

(they’re actually called ‘Swear by It’, as podcast platforms have difficulty with the f word)

And I’m saying ‘we’ here.
That’s not the usual ‘we’ of Gaia and me.

This ‘we’ is me and Mark Seabright.

Many of you will know Mark already. He’s been a F**kiteer since the early days, and he’s led ‘F**k It Do What You Love’ retreats and workshops with me.

As an Executive Coach (working with individuals and small businesses) and a hugely experienced CFO with an MSc in Organisational Psychology,
Mark’s the real deal when it comes to deep business knowledge.

We respect Mark’s business acumen so much that we stopped just asking for business advice over a beer and asked him to join our business two years ago (okay, so we still discuss business over a beer, sure).

We make a great team. I have long experience of creativity in business and business start-ups (I started my first business aged 15). Mark lives and breathes business. We both see that, not only is it possible to make a living, and a business, out of your passion, but it makes it way more likely you’ll be successful if you’re authentically following your passion.

Now, I do want to add this caveat about signing up for these podcasts –

What Gaia and I mainly do is offer advice on how to live a more ‘F**k It’ life in a variety of ways
(as you know) –

  • Relaxing and letting go more
  • Being more yourself
  • Doing more what you fancy.

Gaia’s a therapist / author, I’m a coach / author.

And that’s what we’ll continue to do.

If you like all that stuff,
And you DON’T want to hear Mark and I talking about F**k It in business
and developing big ideas and financial forecasts and productivity and working from authenticity and cash flow and becoming famous for what you do and sharing what you do with the world (aka marketing) and tax returns and social media…
Then, really, PLEASE DON’T SIGN UP.If you’re squeamish about how some of the philosophical and therapeutic ideas of F**k It could work in a business context,

please, whatever you do, don’t sign up.

Hey, that’s marketing for you, eh?
Please, most of you, don’t sign up. 🙂

But if you do, you’re in for a new and rather refreshing approach to business –
The F**k It in Business Podcasts sign up

Right, back to business,
John & Mark x

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