“It was great to see this… 
to see what is the true giggly and excited me beneath it all…”

I (John) am a very happy guinea pig.

You see Gaia uses me as a guinea pig to refine and develop her many therapeutic ideas and processes.

Yesterday Gaia was taking me through a further development of her ‘Being Me Butterfly Model’
it’s the model she uses in her Being Me University and with her regular 1-to-1 clients.

I won’t go into the detail of the process (it was about our ‘divine’ parts), 
in less than an hour, 
I had understood things about myself I’d never really seen.
Why I am like I am.
It was mind-blowing.

And to give you a taste of it:
Those of you who know me or who’ve met me will know that I have a very particular type of humour, 
and it can be rather provocative.
Because I rather like it when people aren’t sure if I’m kidding or not, 
I like the uncertainty and discomfort, that is then resolved by the realisation that I am kidding.
I know, annoying.

But I understood, through Gaia’s process, why I do this…
and it’s related to how my parents responded to me when I was young…
I realise that I’m acting out that relationship again and again in my day-to-day interactions.

It was great to see this… 
to see what is the true giggly and excited me beneath it all,
and to see what’s somewhat ‘adapted’ too.
Not that that’s a bad thing.
It’s just great to see.

It really has been AMAZING to see…
to identify such a clear root to this quirk in my character.

I then dreamt about it last night (you don’t want to know, who wants to know about dreams anyway, eh?), 
which shows how deep this is going as I process this new part of the puzzle.
In fact, that’s what it feels like, finding a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle and placing it back where it goes, and then being able to see the bigger picture more clearly.

So, yeah, I’m a very happy guinea pig.
I’m really feeling that giggly, excited me.

And I feel totally grateful that I get to experience these processes in the comfort of my own living room, 
and for just the price of lots of cups of tea (rooibos, soya milk, lots of honey) and a bunch of flowers.

John & Gaia x

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Though the once-a-year entry to Gaia’s ‘Being Me University’ closed last month, 
Gaia is commencing a three-year training in ‘Being Me Mastery’ in September 2021.

If you’d like to learn in-depth from Gaia, 
to the point where you can become a practitioner in ‘Being Me Therapy’
with clients and groups of your own, 
then it’s worth looking into – 

To find out more about  John and Gaia and how they can support you to live The Fuck It Life – click HERE

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