Access John and Gaia

“We all need a little more ‘John and Gaia’ in our lives”


We’ve been hearing this a lot lately.

We receive hundreds of messages every week, asking us for our insights and  guidance on relaxing and being ourselves, and try as we might, it’s often impossible to reply to every one AND sleep occasionally too…

We’ve racked our brains to provide more ways in which we can help and connect you in a really accessible way and have come up with…


What IS The World of John & Gaia?

First of all, before we go any further, we want you to know that The World of John & Gaia is FREE. So you can now keep reading knowing we’re not about to ask you to invest any money in us here.

THE WORLD OF JOHN & GAIA is a free community space, held within Facebook, where registered members can gather and benefit on a more personal level from John & Gaia’s wisdom.

What Can I Expect From The World of John & Gaia?

Regular posts from John & Gaia about what they’re up to, with their insights…  genuine access to John & Gaia behind the scenes.

Regular LIVE Q&A sessions with John & Gaia within the closed & private Facebook Group,

Regular meditations, videos and new content from John & Gaia.

A safe space to connect with others on a similar wavelength to you.

A chance to grab yourself offers and information on upcoming events and publications before the rest of the world.

Is It Really FREE?

Indeed it is! We want to connect with as many of you as possible in a more personal way. Sure, we’re busy people so we won’t be in there every minute of every day (hey, so are you, right?), but we WILL be there to provide you with all of our F**k It Life wisdom and support in return for the support and commitment you’ve shown us over the years!

What If It’s Not For Me?

Easy, if you don’t feel The World of John and Gaia is the space for you – you click “leave group” – it’s THAT simple. If you’re new here to The F**k It Life, then it’s totally fine to dip your toe in the water – The World of John and Gaia is the PERFECT place to do just that.

There will be no hard feelings if it isn’t for you, we will wish you well on your journey to find the perfectly aligned space for you.

Enough Already – How Do I Join?

Right here… Just hit the button below below, where you can request to join. We ask for your email address when you join as an added measure to keep our group private and safe for the members. We’ll keep your email address safe on our Access John & Gaia list and means we can complement the access you get here with emails from us with more wisdom, wit and occasional offers.  You’re ALWAYS free to unsubcribe at anytime, with no hard feelings!

Love the Eff It Way, it’s got me through a lot! THANK YOU! Stay safe guys xx


After reading your “F**K It, Do What You Love” 3 years ago, I stopped working on Fridays 🙂


I LOVE reading your emails, you have a way of making people feel very calm 🙂


So proud to be part of the F**k It Nation!


I came to your hill in Italy in 2011, said f*ck It to being married… Got remarried now thinking about saying f*ck It to being a nurse and maybe starting my own business…


HUGE Fan! I’ve read all your books!