Content & Community Role with the F**k It People


Hi, it’s John & Gaia here.

We wrote the million-selling F**k It books and spend our time helping people feel better, more relaxed, more free and more able to be fully themselves using this beautiful profanity, ‘F**k It’.

We’ve created a lot of content over the years, as well as the 6 books we’ve written.

But we need help generating and adapting more content, running our memberships, and being there for our various communities.

So this role is for someone who’s good at creating and managing content (of all kinds).

And who’s a good community manager too.

What kind of person are we after?

Positive & energetic, conscientious & hard-working, likely a perfectionist with an eye for detail, someone who’s open and willing to learn and improve as we go (as there is a lot to learn).

You don’t need to be a F**k It fan already.
But read about us on this site.  Watch some of our videos.
Does what we’re doing resonate with you?
Are you interesting in this kind of work…  self-development, holistic work?
If it’s your bag, then going through the content we create will be a joy.
Not, just a job.
So it’ll work better for you, and us.


What kind of skills are we looking for?

Content creation & management:

  • Editing videos on iMovie or similar

  • Editing audio on Audacity or similar

  • Creating / modifying memes on Canva or similar

  • Creating / modifying web pages on WordPress

  • Preparing emails (we use InfusionSoft but experience in this is not necessary)

Community management:

  • Understanding the various social media channels and currently using them regularly

  • Confident in answering people’s comments and contributions

  • A positive, caring, fun presence within our communities

What kind of hours are we talking about?

This is a freelance role.  We assume this person would be working for other clients.
This is a role that’s likely to grow as the business grows (and this business is forever growing), but we’re anticipating initial hours of around 30 a month.


What do you need to do to apply for this role?

Please write to John at

Put this in the subject heading – ‘Content Role – J7’

Tell us in a paragraph or two why you think you’d be perfect for this role.

And then do detail your relevant experience (in a CV or the like).


We look forward to hearing from you if this sounds the right thing for you.

John & Gaia x