From bestselling ‘F**k It’ author, John C. Parkin –
the e-book of his favourite F**k It mantra –
‘F**k It, It Doesn’t Matter So Much’.
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One of the quickest ways to relax
is to realize that, in the end,
F**k It, It Doesn’t Matter So Much

John C. Parkin brought the ‘F**k It’ philosophy to the world in his bestselling F**k It books.

At the heart of this idea is the observation that we aed and worried because we’ve created too many heavy meanings in our lives…
everything matters TOO MUCH.

So his favourite mantra, including in his own life, for when things are getting too heavy, is – 

And this is his e-book on the subject.
It’s easy to read, and acts like a worry-reducing and life-affirming meditation.

You’ll want to read it again and again.

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John C. Parkin is author of the bestselling ‘F**k It’ books (translated into 26 languages) and an expert in relaxation. He is a hypnotherapist, a meditator and tai chi practitioner and has been helping people relax, whatever’s going on in their lives, for more than 30 years. He lives in Brighton, UK, with Gaia.  They are the renowned ‘John & Gaia’.