If You’re Not Being Yourself, 
You’re Lying

The relief and delight in finally Being Yourself
(a weekend with Gaia & John in Brighton)

OCT 29-30/ BRIGHTON / £197

A rare opportunity to join both Gaia & John in the heart of the Brighton lanes
to learn about the joy and liberation that comes from being fully yourself.

Full practical details at bottom of this page.
Accommodation not included.

“I was astounded at how strong I could be, just being me. THANK YOU.”

 M.T., Zurich


If you’re not being yourself, you’re lying.

On this weekend with Gaia & John in the Being Me capital of the UK, Brighton,
you’ll discover the joy and delight of Being Fully You.

And the truth is that, if we’re not being fully ourselves,
we’re lying.

Sure, you might not be intending to lie.

But, by not living from the truth of you,
you are lying.

In brief, here’s why we tend to end up not being ourselves,
of not telling our truth…
when we’re young, and we don’t get what we need in terms of nurturing, love and attention (which most of us don’t),
we learn to ‘adapt’, either to try to get what we need, or to compensate for not getting it.
And these ‘adaptive behaviours’ stick with us throughout our lives, until…
We realise and understand what has happened and begin to be ourselves again.

Until then, we end up, effectively lying –

With Gaia & John, this is what you’ll learn and do on this rare weekend –

* You’ll learn about the psychological background to the adaptive character traits *

* You’ll do exercises that show the difference in strength in your body when you’re adaptive compared to when you are being true *

* You’ll go through Gaia’s full ‘Being Me Butterfly Model’, with a variety of group exercises, that allow you to feel the ‘flying’ that can take place from ‘Being Me’ (rather than the ‘lying’) *

* You’ll discover how you can rapidly apply your new awareness of what it means to be yourself in your daily life *

So that, with a mixture of teaching (the psychology), workshop exercises, Qigong and a whole range of magical indescribable stuff, Gaia & John will guide you to what it’s like to be Fully You, and how to be yourself every day to the point where issues simply fade away (because so many issues are related to not being ourselves).

And if you want to really get the message about the Truth of Being You,
compared to the lie of not, watch this –


Gaia & John created the ‘F**k It’ philosophy and the bestselling book series.
They founded ‘The Hill That Breathes’ retreat centre in Italy in 2004.

Gaia Pollini is an Italian therapist and creator of ‘Being Me Therapy’, a radical approach to therapy with ‘being fully yourself’ at the core of resolution of most life issues.  

John C. Parkin is a writer and coach, who wrote the 1 million selling F**k It books, which are all about letting go and living a free and joyous life.

Gaia & John live in Brighton-Hove.

Booking this BEING ME ECSTASY weekend –

It’s easy to book. The price is £197.
Your place can be reserved in just a minute or two.

“The way you work together, and what you both bring is truly amazing. “

“Gaia & John… The way you work together, and what you both bring is truly amazing. Yin and Yang. Both of you playing different roles at different times.”
James T., Manchester




Brighton is a fitting place to learn about how to BE YOU –
given the city’s permissive quality, where people can be fully themselves without any judgement.

Brighton is also made for the weekend (and has a history of weekend breaks) with a vast amount and range of accommodation.


Saturday 29th October, 1pm – 7pm
Sunday 30th October, 10am – 5pm

The weekend is designed to allow participants to travel down to Brighton on the Saturday morning, and travel back home on Sunday evening.

Please do, therefore, eat before the 1pm start on Saturday as the workshop will run (with shorter rest breaks) until 7pm.

On Sunday there will be a lunch break long enough to enjoy the delights of the Brighton lanes (as well as other shorter rest breaks).

The Loft is in the heart of Brighton so there’s a vast choice of eateries.

Please remember that accommodation in not included.  There’s a huge range of options in Brighton and Hove.  Head to etc. to see.


The Loft, 
40-42 Upper Gardner St,