f**k it

An evening to feel better and learn life-changing stuff

What’s an Evening Retreat and a ‘F**k It’ one at that?

It’s a chance to lock yourself away somewhere warm and cosy and listen to something that will soon make you feel better and allow you to learn some seriously powerful, evidence-based F**k-It-themed teaching from John C. Parkin and Gaia Pollini.

Not only will you feel better during the Evening Retreat, what you learn will be instantly applicable to the rest of you life (when you’re not on Evening Retreat).

The first one is about –
How to be Ridiculously Relaxed

No yoga.  Not a moment of stretching in any way in fact.

But 70 minutes with F**k It author John C. Parkin on How to be Ridiculously Relaxed, using evidence-based theory of how the brain and nervous system work in relation to stress.

You will relax deeply (ridiculously deeply) during the 70 minutes.

And more importantly, you’ll take that ability out into the world with you.

And this really does work.
John has brought all his experience in teaching relaxation into this one Evening Retreat.  He shares a very particular technique that works, and has been proven to work.

John C. Parkin has been teaching relaxation for 25 years.  He is the author of the bestselling F**k It books.  He is an expert in the Chinese energy art of Qigong.  He is trained in hypnotherapy and has studied the art of relaxation from every angle.  His aim is to condense all the knowledge and practice into something you can learn and use as quickly as possible. 

Clips from this first Evening Retreat

Ready for this Evening Retreat?

The first evening retreat will be on the evening (of course) of Thursday 21st March 2019 from 7pm UK / 8pm CET.

How much?
It’s £27 for this first ever evening retreat.  And you’ll be able to listen to the recording whenever you want.

How does it work?
This first evening retreat is already recorded.  It will be available to those who purchase this first one from 7pm UK / 8pm CET this Thursday.  And John will be live on the page for the whole of the evening to answer questions.  
So it’s really worth doing the Evening Retreat on the evening.
But if you can’t, no worries, you’ll have access to the recording whenever you want.