NEW: Recorded this afternoon –
A Message to you from Gaia

If you’re dithering about joining this new F**k It Be You University – 
That’s perfectly natural.

But Gaia would love to support you on this Path Back to You.

Entry to the F**k It Be You University Closes midnight Friday 6th December (and opens again in one year)








A Message from Gaia

Dear friends,

I hope you’ve enjoyed my F**k It Be You video seminar series.
All the videos are here if you missed any.

Well, I know that lots of you did enjoy and benefit from them because we got so many amazing comments about them on that video page.

In fact the discussion on that page has over 200 comments.

You and we have been discussing about which Adaptive Type you are example –
and how I am then using these as the steps on our Path Back to You.

And here are just a few of the comments, talking about those Adaptive Types – 

I’m so excited to be sharing this new ‘F**k It Be You University’ with you.

It’s the perfect way to explore how the Hidden Source works in your life, and change the things that don’t work for you any longer.

We’re going to be telling you more about how it works below.

But I just wanted to point out one thing before we get going –

That we’re only opening entry to this ‘University’ this week.

After that the group is closed.
And we won’t be opening again in the same way for another year.

Because I’m going to create a very safe and stable environment for you to be able to work through any of your issues.
So the group will remain the same through the year and you’ll thus really feel the presence of others as you go on this path together.

This Revolutionary Process

You’ve seen it in the videos,
But here’s a quick reminder of the BIG REVOLUTIONARY IDEA behind this –
then I’ll tell you more about the F**k It Be You University and how to join as a First Year Founder.

So, this is an amazing opportunity –
To see that there’s a hidden source to our problems
That we learnt to adapt when we were young because our needs weren’t met.
And this ‘adapting’ carried on through our lives,
and is actually the cause of many of our problems, as we’re not accessing our full selves.

So the revolutionary idea is that – just by being ourselves –
our problems resolve naturally.

And that you can take this ‘Path Back to You’ over time as part of the F**k It Be You University
This is the Process
Looking at each of the Adaptive Mechanisms, one by one,
And then applying my Hidden Source process to each one,
So, over time, exploring each Adaptive Mechanism as a ‘step’ on the Path Back to You.



Yes, we will move progressively through the Adaptive Types

As you’ve probably found, there’s often one or two Adaptive Types that ring the biggest bells for you,
but it’s likely that they’ll all resonate in some way too –
As very few of us were nurtured ideally through the developmental stages.

So we take the Adaptive Types step-by-step, month-by-month, through the first year.

Applying Gaia’s Hidden Source Process to each of the Adaptive Types as we go

Gaia’s Hidden Source Process is a profound journey, developed over years of therapeutic practice that takes you back to that usually hidden source of your current problems –
the adaptive patterns developed in childhood.

Over the course of your first year, Gaia guides you to apply this full process systematically to each of the Adaptive Types.

And so applying Gaia’s Hidden Source Process to each of the Adaptive Types over the first year –
become the Path Back to You…

“Thank you Gaia. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Welcome to the F**k It Be You University

So here we are –
opening a UNIVERSITY to discover how to be ourselves.

So, why the university idea?

Gaia has had a private online membership for the last year – ‘The F**k It Be You System’ –
That included workshops and live groups…

And this has ignited this idea in us –
to create this F**k It Be You University

An exceptional space, where you can explore and discover who you really are –

Where you can grow into the true you that you were always supposed to be.

And in this way, it will be different to any other university on this planet –

A university where you can become You and become free.

“I feel so supported.”

The people who make the most progress…

We’ve noticed over the years that the people who make the most progress, who have the biggest insights, who grow the most, experience the biggest transformations, whose lives really CHANGE, who change in themselves…

They’re patient students of themselves and life.
They want to learn about themselves, about life and living.

And they know that that’s not an overnight thing.
It’s a life-long thing, and they keep learning and experiencing and changing, and growing and sharing.

And so we’re creating the space for this to happen for people –

THIS is the idea for the F**k It Be You University.


(Illustrations on this page are by Anne Van Den Berg, F**k It Be You University’s resident artist, who will be part of the community, and providing artistic inspiration as we go.  And she has a shop with her designs too.)

“I’m realising I may not be who I thought I was.”

Got it. So what are the core elements of the F**k It Be You University then?


It’s the following elements,
designed to fully support you in your life on a regular, ongoing basis.
And allow you to learn, grow and become freer, happier and more your true self over time (a real journey of growth on the Path Back to You).

Gaia has designed the University to provide great support, and in the most efficient way possible.


This is the ‘Path Back to You’.
Gaia will be sharing the elements of the 5 Adaptive Mechanisms over the course of the first year – and how they affect every area of your life.
And she’ll be using the Hidden Source process with each of these.
This is deep learning grounded in the cutting-edge therapies that Gaia has trained in and developed over the years.


Not a common quality of your average university…
but in the F**k It Be You university, you will be UNLEARNING the adaptive patterns you’ve developed –
and that means returning to FREEDOM as you reveal the true you beneath the often life-long patterns.


Reconnecting to Yourself –
to your true feelings and to the True You beneath the adaptive patterns.
This is a key part of the Path Back to You.  And it will also naturally lead to reconnecting to others too (thus the community element of this ‘university’.


You’ll have support from Gaia in the Deep Workshops and the live groups and of course the deepest and most direct support comes in the form of 1-to-1 sessions with Gaia for those who take the Gold Path.
And you’ll get a lot of support from this next critical element –


We’ll have a private online group where you can share with other members, and inspire other members on their Path Back to Themselves…
and they can inspire you on your Path Back to You.


There will be ways to see the progress you’re making on the Path Back to You.
The critical element of your progress of course is how you’re able to be more yourself and how profoundly that affects your life.
But your progress will also lead to the F**k It Be You University qualifications. 

Keeping it really simple and manageable


Gaia’s aim is to keep the F**k It Be You University really simple and manageable, so you can progress along the Path Back to You no matter how busy you are.

Every month, there’s –

Monthly Deep Workshop from Gaia.

  • A monthly Deep Workshop recording from Gaia released 3 days before your live online group to allow deep learning and experience of the ideas through exercises.
  • Just understanding how things work can help the process of growth and transformation.  Just seeing why you’re a People Pleaser, or a Helper, or a Superwoman can help heal these adaptive mechanisms.
  • Gaia will take you through progressive learning in the therapeutic foundations of this powerful work.
  • Over time, you will develop a deeper understanding of the powerful therapeutic work, which then really supports your own process.

Monthly live online group with Gaia.

  • Each monthly group will cover the topic of that month’s Deep Workshop, and involve discussion and sharing around that topic.
  • Sometimes, one person will get the opportunity to process 1-to-1 with Gaia, within the group, whatever is happening for them. And this can be as powerful for the whole group (and provide a process for everyone) as much as it is for the one person.
  • If you’ve been on a retreat with Gaia, you’ll know the deep power of being in a group. So this regular group get-together will be very special.  Remember too that it is a closed group.  So you’ll really feel the presence of others as you go on this journey together.

Regular 1-to-1 support with Gaia
(Gold Path only)

  • It’s regular Skype 1-to-1s that really work in addressing the Hidden Source of our problems and thus experiencing deep change and freedom.
  • You will go on a journey of self-discovery where you can truly free yourself from anxiety, fears, limitations and behaviours that are not the true you (they’re learnt) – and this will bring a huge energy and joy to your life.
  • And whatever’s happening in your life, you will know that you have your session with Gaia just around the corner to work things through with her.


So it works even if you’re really busy

Even if you’re really busy you could get a huge amount from this F**k It Be You University by spending just 3 or 4 hours each month, with the option to explore more, learn more, share more if you have more time.

And, of course, the real work happens in how you USE this learning and experiencing in your life – it is after all about that Path Back to You.

… and you get a Certificate in Being You



And when you make the full progress of completing the first year, you’ll get a Certificate.  A certificate in Being You, imagine that.

After that, like any university, you can continue the journey for three years or longer, deepening your journey, with new content and new discoveries about You –
And maybe you’ll end up with a DEGREE in Being You.

“I’m going to sing a different song now.”

I’m excited, how do I join as a First Year Founder then?

It’s easy to join, you just have to sign up and set up your payments.
All you have to do is choose whether you prefer the Silver or the Gold Path.

Please bear in mind – 

  • Entry to the System is only open this week.
    The group will then be closed and we won’t be opening again like this for another year.

And don’t forget these First Year Founder PERKS

PERK 1Your membership is fixed at £21 FOREVER / Gold Path members get 1-to-1 sessions for £100 rather than £150

PERK 2 – You’ll get Gaia’s 21-day F**k It Magic online course, running in March, on our site for £147, for FREE.

PERK 3 – You’ll get Gaia and John’s 1-day online retreat, ‘F**k It Just Love Yourself’, running in April, on sale at £87, for FREE

The Silver Path

£21 per month


  • It’s £21/ month for this option FOREVER (and the price for others will go up next year)
  • You enjoy the monthly Deep Workshop from Gaia.
  • You join the monthly online group with Gaia. It is a closed group and ‘University’ entry only opens once a year, so we ask that you join with the intention of remaining in the group for at least a year.
  • You have unlimited access to the private online community group.
  • This is the only chance to join as a First Year Founder member at this price and with these perks.

The Gold Path

£21 per month
£100 per 1-to-1 session (min. one per month)
Limited availability


  • It’s £21/ month for this option FOREVER (and the price for others will go up next year)
  • You become one of Gaia’s regular 1-to-1 clients. You pay £100 per session rather than the usual £150 (a reduced price only available only to Gold Path members) and can pay at the end of each month for that month’s sessions. We ask that you commit to at least one session a month with Gaia (though many do two a month, especially initially) for the full year.
  • You enjoy the monthly Deep Workshop from Gaia.
  • You join the monthly online group with Gaia. It is a closed group and ‘University’ entry only opens once a year, so we ask that you join with the intention of remaining in the group for at least a year.
  • You have unlimited access to the private online community group.
  • This is the only chance to join as a First Year Founder member at this price and with these perks.

Entry Closes midnight Friday 6th December








And if you can’t decide whether to take the Silver or Gold Path – 

This was written by a regular client of Gaia’s a few days ago…

“Gaia, journeying with your guidance this past year, accompanied by your wise eyes, and rolling laughter,
and your huge empathic heart, has changed my life.
This journey has been giving me so many gifts, from inside and out.
Perhaps the biggest, most precious gift has been the addictive magic
that keeps me on this very journey of my life —

in love with it, all of it, at all times, through every valley and hill and abyss, relentlessly trustful and ever curious.
For all of that and more, I am grateful from every corner of my heart.” 

Your Full First-Year Syllabus

DEC 2019 - Introduction to the Hidden Source Process

The introduction to this revolutionary idea.

Finding the ‘Hidden Source’ and making our way back to our true and full selves.

JAN 2020 - The Outsider Part I

The First adaptive Mechanism: ‘The Outsider’

How we suppress our deep longing for connection.

FEB 2020 - The Outsider Part II

“THERE IS LOVE FOR ME” – a new possibility for outsiders

From ‘the outsider’ to ‘the included’ (from self and others).

MAR 2020 - The Helper Part I

The Second adaptive Mechanism: ‘The Helper’

How we suppress our natural needs and our desire to be seen and supported

APR 2020 - The Helper Part II

“ I MATTER” – a new possibility for helpers

From last on the list to worthy, and worthy of attention (from self and others).

MAY 2020 - The Superwoman/man Part I

The third adaptive Mechanism: The Superman / Superwoman

How we suppress the natural mix of vulnerability and capability, and end up controlling everything (and exhausting ourselves).

JUN 2020 - The Superwoman/man Part II

“I CAN BE BOTH VULNERABLE AND POWERFUL” – a new possibility for Superpeople

From (fear-based) control, to (life-filled) trust.

JUL 2020 - The People Pleaser Part I

The fourth adaptive Mechanism: The People Pleaser

How we forgo our own feelings and disconnect from knowing what is right for us (thus failing to express it).

AUG 2020 - The People Pleaser Part II

“ALL MY FEELINGS ARE VALID” – a new possibility for people pleasers

From figuring out what everyone else expects of us, to feeling what is right for me.

SEP 2020 - The Perfectionist Part I

The fifth adaptive Mechanism: The Perfectionist

How we can constantly reject ourselves and our natural need to be okay and acceptable as we are.

OCT 2020 - The Perfectionist Part II

I AM TRULY OKAY AS ME” – A new possibility for perfectionists

From improving, to being.

NOV 2020 - The 'Me' Magic

The Power of the ‘Me’ Magic

The more we move through the ‘non me’ adaptations, the more living the ‘Me Magic’ becomes our everyday experience and new nature.

“I feel so safe I can face my fears.”

Oooh, can I ask some questions please?

Yes, of course.  Please go ahead.

I see that you’re asking for commitment in this – how long would I be committing for?

Like a regular university, entry is only open once a year.  This enables you to enjoy the benefits of a closed and consistent group for a full year.

So we ask that you join with the intention of staying for at least the full year.
And we clearly hope that you’ll stay for the full 3-year ‘degree’ and longer.

What happens if there are no more slots left on the Gold Path?

Yes, Gaia clearly has a limited number of slots.  If there is no room to join the Gold Path, then join the Silver Path, and you’re then front of the queue if and when slots become available.


I want to join the ‘Gold Path’, but can’t start 1-to-1s until Jan – is that okay?

Yes.  With the run-up to Christmas coming, it’s fine to start your sessions in January.
We do recommend, though, booking for your first couple of sessions with Gaia.  We’ll guide you in how to do that, once you’ve signed up.

The online group will be in the middle of the night for me as I live in Australia, how will that work?

You’re right, we’ll be doing the online group and workshop in the evening, here in Europe.
And we know we’ll have people from all over the world wanting to join.
So we’re going to record the group and have that available for you.  And you’ll be able to access the community element too.

You’ll also be able to send questions to Gaia to raise in the group.

How do I pay for the regular 1-to-1s with Gaia

Just like you’d pay other therapists – at the end of each month (depending on how many sessions you’ve had).

We will send you a PayPal invoice for that amount – and it’s very easy to pay with a regular credit or debit card.

I want to become a regular 1-to-1 client with Gaia – how long do you think I’ll need sessions for?

Remember that a critical element of this University is that it’s regular and over time – this is an element in its efficacy.  So a commitment to such regularity is required.

Then…  Well, people vary.  And you’ll be discussing this with Gaia as you go.

Gaia has had some clients for years.  Others might reduce the frequency after 6 months from 2 or 3 a month to one.  Some feel a year is enough.
The flexibility is there down the line.  The important thing is the commitment at the beginning.

I’m guessing this process is not a quick fix?

No. There are quick fixes (take some deep breaths now, that will make you feel a little better), but they don’t fix the source.

Yoga won’t help your adaptive people-pleasing patterns.

This takes time. And now we have this University that supports your process over time.  Hurrah.

I’m not quite ready to do the regular 1-to-1s at the moment, can I join on the Silver Path and then switch later?

Yes, you can. Though this depends on Gaia’s availability of course.

I’m really interested but dithering a bit. What if I don’t join now?

It’s a crucial part of this F**k It Be You University that it’s a closed group, with people working together, as a confidential group over one year at a time.

That’s why we’ll only be opening entry once a year.

So the next chance to join will be one year from now.

And the second year course syllabus will be different to this year too.

And the monthly price will be higher.

So it’s really worth joining now.

Could I listen to someone talking about her 1-to-1 with Gaia?

Yes.  Jane (not her real name), pictured below (not her real picture), made this very real recording, talking about her 1-to-1s with Gaia.

Here’s a snippet – that her 1-to-1s with Gaia have been –

“The greatest gift that I’ve given to myself over the last 5 years – 
And I’m clear that I wouldn’t be feeling the way I’m feeling if it wasn’t for the 1-to-1s with Gaia.”


A 1-to-1 client talking about Gaia

by Jane | Testimonial about Gaia's 1-to-1s

Could you please tell me in more detail about the regular 1-to-1s with Gaia?

Gaia offers Skype 1-to-1s, each session lasting one hour.

How does it work with Skype?

It’s as powerful as face-to-face.  There is something about the combination of distance and intimacy that allows people to feel safe and open, and thus facilitate the therapeutic process.

What’s the basis of the work?

Gaia supports people with her own method, which has been created through blending elements of her training (in methods such as NARM developmental trauma and Somatic Experiencing) with her own intuition and therapeutic tools borne of experience and her own research.

She helps you explore your own ‘Hidden Source’.

Her method supports people as they navigate issues more successfully, heal from traumatic experiences and work on long-held patterns that no longer serve them.

What issues can I be supported with?

Anything.  The Hidden Source work allows people to find their true and powerful selves. So this has an effect on any issue you bring to a session…
From relationship issues, to self-esteem, to big life decisions that you have to make, to old trauma, to fears that you might have.

This is support whatever you need support for.

All in the name of enabling to me more the true you – the work of ‘F**k It Be You’.

What does being a ‘regular 1-to-1 client of Gaia’ mean then?

In therapeutic support work like this, the regularity is important.  This is work with the Hidden Source patterns that have been there for a long time.  So the work takes time.

And that’s why this F**k It Be You University promotes the quality of regularity.

Gaia asks you to commit to at least 1 session a month, though she recommends 2 sessions a month.

The intention and commitment to the process is important for both sides.  But of course there is also some flexibility.  If you realise you need more frequent sessions, you can talk to Gaia and arrange that.  And there will, of course, be breaks over holiday periods.

“You don’t judge me Gaia. And I’m now judging myself less.”

What’s Gaia’s full background?

Gaia Pollini has 20 years of experience in therapeutic support.

Many of you will know, or have heard about, Gaia.

She is co-author of the F**k It books and co-founder of the F**k It movement.

Gaia allows people to feel safe and secure.  And yet free and strong enough to be themselves.  She creates huge liberating experiences in all the work she does (on retreats, in workshops and in her 1-to-1s).  
And the overall theme of her work is in rediscovering our true selves – ie. –
F**k It Be You

The foundation of Gaia’s  work is her therapeutic training. So behind the free-flowing, intuitive ‘magic’ element – there is method, research, years of training, experience and therapeutic insight.  This has been Gaia’s passion and work for more than 20 years.  This is what she lives and breathes.

  • Gaia is a Narm Practicioner  (‘Neuro Affective Relational Model’) , working with Developmental Trauma, which concerns repetitive patterns learnt in childhood.
  • She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner / Trauma Therapist (this is a specialist trauma healing methodology) .
  • She is an Integrative Breath Therapist and Rebirther (this is deep instruction in ‘breathwork’ ).
  • She is a trained Voice Dialogue Facilitator.
  • She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist ( with additional clinical specialist training)
  • She is a Qigong Practitioner, with 20 years’ experience
  • She has counselling skills training 
  • She is a master of the Chinese tea ceremony and Chinese teas – and their healing effects..

Gaia has been offering regular personal support over the years to hundreds of people and she’s excited now to be supporting being in this new form of the ‘F**k It Be You 1-to-1 System’.