f**k it retreats & events 2023

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Hi everyone, 

Well, this is quite a year.

We have TWO gorgeous retreats on Stromboli, including a F**k It Retreat.

there’s a film inspired by one of our F**k It Retreats on Stromboli
(it’s called ‘Stromboli’ and is currently o
n Netflix) –

We ask you to sign up for details of the retreats so we can send you details (as well as having access to a page with a video from John).

So don’t sign up for both at once, or you’ll get confused about the retreats.

In a nutshell – 

  • The ‘Being Seriously Relaxed’ Retreat Programme is a 3-month programme that includes the retreat, and the price reflects the longer programme.
  • The F**k It Retreat is a one week retreat (with some support afterwards) in our classic style and it thus priced like our regular retreats, where the price alters dependent on the room you choose.

We look forward to seeing you this summer,
John & Gaia x

Here are our retreats & events for 2023 –
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“I barely have the vocabulary to describe how incredible this experience was.”

“I barely have the vocabulary to describe how incredible this experience was.
Gaia and John (created) what can only be described as, a magical experience! John’s F**k it philosophy, charisma and wit perfectly complemented Gaia’s profound knowledge and careful craft when it came to development work.
I have truly walked out of this experience a different person with a refreshing new perspective on life.
Also, rather unexpectedly, I gained some lifelong friends along the way.”

Mark W., London