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Hi everyone, 

It’s early 2023 and we’re doing things differently with retreats this year.

We’ve realised two things –

  1. That it works best for everyone, on retreats, when people are really SERIOUS about the practice.
  2. That the power of a retreat is boosted exponentially when we provide support and training both before and after a retreat.

And for these reasons, we’re being rather picky about who we invite on our retreats.

So far, we’ve offered, via a workshop in January, calls with me (John) to see if the retreat programme is a good fit.

You can now watch that full workshop, which is about ‘Being Seriously Relaxed’, by signing up for it below.
And, if it all sounds good to you, if you’re serious about relaxation, and you can make the dates of Stromboli (June 2-8), you can book a call with me and we’ll see if the programme is right of you.

For those it is right for (and that won’t be all of you), this is very exciting prospect:
a step-change in the way we offer retreats, after doing retreats with thousands of people over 2o years.

John & Gaia x


Here are our retreats & events for 2023 –
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“I barely have the vocabulary to describe how incredible this experience was.”

“I barely have the vocabulary to describe how incredible this experience was.
Gaia and John (created) what can only be described as, a magical experience! John’s F**k it philosophy, charisma and wit perfectly complemented Gaia’s profound knowledge and careful craft when it came to development work.
I have truly walked out of this experience a different person with a refreshing new perspective on life.
Also, rather unexpectedly, I gained some lifelong friends along the way.”

Mark W., London